Thursday, November 29, 2007


My current writing gig is going to involve lots of visits to the theatre over the next year, all in the name of verisimilitude. Which is very cool, because I haven't seen a lot of stage plays, and I'd forgotten how much I like them. There's something dangerous about the stage that film and television can't reproduce, it lives and breathes and when it's working it's wondrous, and a bit scary.

Heroes was great, if you're in Brisbane and get the chance to see it, I can heartily recommend it. Barry Otto, Max Gillies, and Robert Coleby put in wonderful performances, and the script is a delight. It's a beautiful, bittersweet comedy.

Had a couple of story sales of late. 2008 looks like it will be a very good year for the World of Trent in Print*.

*Yes, there is an actual world called that, it's not very interesting, except when it is, though when I go there all I ever see are the flaws in the scenery, and the zippers in the suits, and the sense that the world's progenitor doesn't have a very good eye for detail.

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