Friday, October 26, 2007

Grant. Yes, Grant.

The sky's getting all thunderous, the earth is shaking and I have been given a grant.

I haven't been able to blog anything until today, but Ozco has given me a grant. So I'll be able to spend next year writing a fantasy children's series called "The Players". I've wanted to do this for some time, but this series involves a lot of research (mainly into acting and stagecraft) and I really didn't want, nor could afford, to do it justice unless I had a grant. So I've spent the last six months not even thinking about the G (or the P) word, because I really didn't expect to get it.

But I did, and I'm still wrapping my head around the whole thing.

Thanks to the extremely tolerant Ben Peek for letting me know, and sending me a photo of the grants list via phone when I didn't quite believe him, because I didn't, not that I don't trust Ben, but I just couldn't imagine that I would get it. And even when he'd sent me the photo, I really thought it must be some other Trent Jamieson, until I got the paperwork on Tuesday.

Thanks to Marianne De Pierres and Margo Lanagan, who helped me beat my submission into shape. And thanks to the guys at Shiny for taking my story Cracks, which I used as part of my writing sample. And thanks to the ABC for publishing the Shimmaron books because I'm sure that helped. And thanks to all my Ror family because I think every writer needs something like ROR.*

And thanks to Diana who's encouraged me all the way, despite some pretty awful stuff that went on this year.

Now, I better write something damn good in 2008. And you'll be hearing all about it here.

*Unless they don't.


chrisbarnes said...

Congratulations on the grant! Now... write, boy, write! I expect nothing less than perfection. :)

Trent Jamieson said...

Thanks, Chris, Perfection it is then...

Anonymous said...

woohoo! Yay fr Ozco.