Monday, October 08, 2007

First Shiny Review

Here's the first review of Shiny. Quite an interesting, and well considered one at that.

Talking about my story - and writers like to talk about their stories, in the main - I was very pleased that the reviewer picked up that I was trying to get the reader out of the narrative - even if they were a little irked by it.

There's a scene in the story - which is only quite a short tale, and part of me wonders whether it quite bears the weight of what I was trying to achieve - where my character, Julia, talks about the sort of story she would have prefered to inhabit. This was the original story I was writing, until the story told me it wasn't, which was something of a pain at the time, because I think the original story would have been easier to write.

Anyway, get yourself a copy of Shiny, and see what you think. Eugie and Sue's stories are excellent, and both worth the price of the e-zine, in my opinion.

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