Monday, September 03, 2007

was that a tumbleweed?

My, but it has been quiet here. Still, one less voice cluttering up the blogosphere can't be too bad.

Lots of writing going on, and writing related stuff.
Sent my contract off to Jack Dann for a story of mine that's appearing in his antho Dreaming Again. It's called The New Deal and I'm pretty pleased with it. Working with Jack was an absolute joy and an honour, and just, well, cool.

Also, sold a story to the extremely nice Sheryl Tempchin at Zahir it's called Hardeen Reflects on the Dark Arts and His Wife, it's always lovely to find a home for a story that's dear to your heart and Hardeen was one of those. It should be out in the October edition of Zahir. There's Brisbane, there's beer, and there are ruminations upon love and the dark arts, what more can you want?

And for those who get the Writing Qld Magazine I have an article in there on writing (well, duh) and anxiety, two things I have a reasonable acquaintance with. Thanks to Katherine Lyall-Watson editor of WQ who accepted the article in under ten minutes, making it my fastest acceptance for a piece of writing ever.

Currently reading Sean William's Saturn Returns, nearly finished, and it's been an total delight: certainly a fine addition to the Space Opera genre, and one as entertaining as John Clute's Appleseed, and perhaps not quite as vexing (though I adore Appleseed*).

Talking of Space Operaish delights, if you've not read any Neal Asher Hilldiggers is a fine place to start. There's some quite pointed and timely political commentary* in the book as well, this is as close as Neal's work has come to satire. It may well rate as my favourite of his Polity books. Just like Sean, I really felt he was stretching himself with this book, and loving it. Both novels take you on quite a ride.

Expecting a copy of the New Space Opera in my hands tomorrow, then it might be time to take a break from all the spaceships. Hopefully, Mr Peek's Black Sheep, and Mr Lake's Mainspring will have arrived from O/S by then, and I do have a copy of the new(ish) Chabon to read.

Something that is most definitely not Space Opera is our dog Ziggy, behold him below, in all his cute-sketched-sleepy-puppy-glory.

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