Friday, September 07, 2007

Rewrite Finished

I've been head down arse up these last two weeks finishing a rewrite of a novel, trying to get to the core of the work, and quick unpick the errant illogical strands that had crept in. But now I am free of it, and the novel is a stronger beast, and I've learnt more about what makes novels tick.

Can't wait to work on some shorts and get back to the first draft of the Brisbane book I've been powering through, and, hopefully, what I've learnt working on this rewrite will feed into that. Meanwhile, I've been sketching my pets - they're about the only thing I like to draw, and, because I have no shame, I give you Ernie and Ziggy, both sleeping because it's the only time they're still enough to sketch*.

*it's sad, I know, but, I don't have kids.

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