Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eds and BWFS

Just finished up some edits on a short story that I am extremely fond of for a magazine that I'm very excited about. When I say finished I mean, sort of, there may well be a few more changes to make. The editors of said magazine have impressed (and delighted) me mightily with their rigor and enthusiasm.*

The story should be available very soon, and I'll ramble on about it at length then.


Well, another Brisbane Writers Festival is done and dusted. Didn't get to that many panels, and there were a couple that I was very disappointed to miss, but it was a great few days.

I watched my wife bravely talk to her favourite writer, Armistead Maupin, Diana who is normally too cool for school went all fangirl on him, and Armistead was utterly charming.

Also caught up with Margo, Marianne and Rowena, I have made plenty of friends through my writing, but these guys are family.**

On saturday night, Marianne chaired an interview with the lovely Kevin J Anderson, and a bunch of us sat around afterwards drinking beer, and wine, and watching the beautiful Brisbane river change with the evening. Sure I was nursing a hangover the next day, but it was a fine night, particularly the ride home on the City Cat, there was some serious lighting crackling down over the western edge of Brisbane, no rain though.***

*see that's what this blog needs.
**talking of family...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARA! You're starting to make me feel old, sis.
***what an abrupt end to this entry. It's late.

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