Saturday, August 04, 2007

no one wants to hear about your 97th tear* or week-o-Shite

Well, what a shit week.

Lots of little things, and vomit. Still queasy, but it's ended with a new *Okkervil River album: which is glorious and everything I wanted, and reminds me why I love this band. And I finished Falling Man**, six o'clock this morning, which ends most inconclusively or conclusively depending on your perspective, and it probably wasn't the best week to read such a book, or it was.

Begone week of shit I say. Begone, back into the abyss from which ye came.

**which at least is the correct title, got one title right this week.


Geoffrey Maloney said...


Can I borrow some of your OK River albums sometime? They are a band that I know little about other than your recommendation. I've downloaded MP3s of their music, and even though I the world is in love with MP3s at the moment, the format just doesn't do it for me. All the edges are cut off in that format.



Trent Jamieson said...

Absolutely. They're really a band that's best appreciated on an album level anyway. That and shearwater, a sort of spin off project that is utterly different.