Saturday, July 21, 2007

seven strange things about me

I've been tagged by the lovely Miss T - check out the excellent blog that she shares with Miss D - I'm not really a meme person, but hey, what the hell.
1 - I proposed to Diana in the bedroom of a house that was later to become a brothel. I still have the piece of torn wallpaper that was above my head when I proposed.

2 - Throughout the autumn and winters of 1989 to 2002 I wore a green woollen jumper that my grandmother had knitted for dad years before I was born. It was passed down to me and I loved that jumper. Its reign ended when it began to fall apart, and I couldn't bear to see it ruined. The jumper was soft, warm, and very, very green. It was called variously "Nan's jumper" or "the Green Jumper" or "buy a fucking new jumper". I have other green jumpers -- four in fact -- but none like that one. I occasionally unpack that jumper and look at it. I miss you, green jumper.

3 -I once avoided driving between Canberra and Sydney because "my equilibrium was off".

4 - I used to think our toy swing was a time machine. I could sit on that thing for hours swinging backwards through infinity. Yeah, and there were lots of dinosaurs.

Three things a time traveller needs; a red jumper; some sensible pants; and a baby brother to trade for supplies.

5 - I have a deep and abiding terror of grasshoppers. I mean, they can just jump in your face, or fly in your face, or crawl on your face. There's too many grasshopper/face options to my liking.

6 - My first job was in a toy store where I made bikes for Christmas presents. I was bitten by a dog, owned by my employers, called Bear. Never try and pat a dog called Bear.

7 - As a baby I never crawled. I went from dragging myself around on my bum to walking. Ahh, that explains it you say.


Anonymous said...

Oh the green jumper! I hope you've put it in mothballs.

Anonymous said...

oops. that was me.