Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Sad and Sorry Tale of Grover

When Diana and I first started going out, the Lady D, bought me stuffed Grover. I dig Grover, surely he is the creepiest of all the Sesame St gang, and don't let me get started on Super Grover.
Well, as far as stuffed toys go, he lived a pretty good life. Until he became the beloved toy of Ernie, and now Ziggy.
Surely we can all get along. Umm, where are you putting your tongue?
I guess if he was a magical stuffed toy - and he still had arms and legs - he'd have gotten out years ago.

Please, please kill me.

Poor, poor bastard.

Had a good day today, some interesting things happening.


Andrew Macrae said...

poor grover.

Trent Jamieson said...

Yeah, he's had a rough life. But he is well loved, and robust, I've only had to stitch him up a couple of times over the last ten years.

Miss T said...

Hey there! Guess what?! I'm tagging you for Seven Strange Things about you! Yup. Its happened because Emma Honey tagged me, and so I wrote up my seven strange things and now the balls in your court! Love to Ziggy! Can't wait to read it!