Friday, July 20, 2007

Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane.

The excellent reviewy folk at ASIF have reviewed Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane. Read the review, then buy the book.

My name's on the cover but this has mainly been a labour of love for Geoffrey Maloney, and he's done a great job, not only in agonising over the stories, but in the finer details too. Geoff's been the one kicking bookstore doors down and making sure you'll see it at conflux, and in most specialty SF bookstores.

Check it out. The book fits nicely in the hand, it's a weird amalgam of hard cover and paperback, and would be a fantastic addition to anyone's personal library, as a talking piece AS WELL AS a fine anthology of short fiction.

You know you want it. And, if you buy it, just let me know, and I'll come over to your place and do the washing up*.

*Applies only to residents of Brisbane, and only if I'm not feeling lazy, or in a bad mood on the day.


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