Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Deadonomicon - which should really be not Necronomicon or Necrotrentonomicon

Been a while offline, well offblog, on account of problems with my dial-up, but that's sorted, and I'm whoosing along, all broadbandish - with a touch of marchingbandish.

Not that I've been wasting my time, 61k into a new novel, and a whole lot of other projects bubbling along in the background. Life is good in the currently windy city of Brisbane, even if my sinuses are playing merry hell with my skull.

Now if there's one thing that I like to do it's boast about all my clever friends, damn they've been up to some impressive stuff.

Firstly Tansy Rayner Robert's book Seacastle is well and truly out and about and launched.

Ditto, Marianne De Pierre's fine Space Opera Dark Space.

Double ditto Jason Nahrung and Mil Clayton's fantabulous horror novel The Darkness Within.

Finally, Ben Peek's novel Black Sheep is available.

All of which shall be discussed at length, with links and everything, the moment my sinuses decide to stop punishing me. As will Fantastic Journeys to Brisbane.

hyperbole schmyperbole

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