Monday, June 25, 2007

And so it came to pass that the Weekend of the Third Age Ended.

Every couple of years we get together with Diana's siblings, Tim & Veronica, and watch the three LOTR movies(extended editions) back to back, which is always fun. I'm inordinately fond of those movies. We watched them on Saturday night, started about seven and finished about six in the morning. They're pretty much all that is good about epic fantasy, the marvellous shifting of perspectives from the intimate to the vast and ageless, and all that is bad, particularly a tendency to faux Shakespearean soliloquy and stating the obvious.

Problem is, after nearly eleven hours of LOTR I start walking around the house getting all monloguey.

"So it has begun, the last great mopping of the kitchen floor, with this the mop that has been reforged (see I broke the mop, and had to get a new handle)."

"Thus passes this packet of chips, son of Smiths, into the bin, and the age of crisps is ended, and I am diminished, and my waist goes into the West, and the East."

The perfect curative was found to be three episodes of Life on Mars.


Leon of Leichhardt said...

Is the extended version of the two towers better than the theatrical release? I found that one really boring. I have the fellowship of the ring extended version and love it, much better than the normal length one.

Trent Jamieson said...

I like the extended version more, find they're all stronger, mainly from a characterisation perspective. Fellowship is definitely my favourite, after that the series certainly follows the usual law of diminishing returns, but so does the book, and, not enough that it ruins my enjoyment of them, but it's noticeable.

Leon of Leichhardt said...

it always seemed like the fresh ideas were in the first one.

BTW, John Simm is in Dr Who this year... as a major character...


Trent Jamieson said...

A very major role. I'm excited, and also wish I hadn't googled to see who he was playing.