Thursday, June 28, 2007

Decemberists Good Coro Drive Bad

Walked down to the river, via a couple of steepish hills to get the heart pumping because it's deliciously cold in Brisbane right now, then thought I'd walk along Coronation Drive following the narrow riverside footpath, not such a good idea, all those buses rushing down at you are rather disconcerting.

Was listening to "Crane Wife" the Decemberist's last album (I think) it's bloody good. Love the Island it's like 12 minutes of Folk Metal, very cool.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Two bridges one of them real.

Walked to the edge of the city this afternoon, just under Merivale Bridge, as the rain started coming in. Trying to wrap my head around narratives longer than a few thousand words, I've been throwing out planks of words across the abyss of story and now I'm in the middle looking back at the rickety thing I've made, noticing that, in places, I've forgotten to use nails. Fighting the urge to go back and tinker, that way lies not finishing.

Listened to a track off the soon to be released Okkervil River album the Stage Names this afternoon. Lovely, because life really is not a movie or maybe. The only thing better than a new Okkervil River album would be seeing them live this year.

And so it came to pass that the Weekend of the Third Age Ended.

Every couple of years we get together with Diana's siblings, Tim & Veronica, and watch the three LOTR movies(extended editions) back to back, which is always fun. I'm inordinately fond of those movies. We watched them on Saturday night, started about seven and finished about six in the morning. They're pretty much all that is good about epic fantasy, the marvellous shifting of perspectives from the intimate to the vast and ageless, and all that is bad, particularly a tendency to faux Shakespearean soliloquy and stating the obvious.

Problem is, after nearly eleven hours of LOTR I start walking around the house getting all monloguey.

"So it has begun, the last great mopping of the kitchen floor, with this the mop that has been reforged (see I broke the mop, and had to get a new handle)."

"Thus passes this packet of chips, son of Smiths, into the bin, and the age of crisps is ended, and I am diminished, and my waist goes into the West, and the East."

The perfect curative was found to be three episodes of Life on Mars.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's cold and it's windy and I'm 62,000 words into my novel, and it's all starting to come together, and my sinuses love me again, all it took was Jason and Mil's wonderful Brisbane launch of The Darkness Within.

So nice to catch up with people, and to see the huge queue at the signing table.

Talking of catching up and friends Marianne de Pierres is the guest over at ASIF this fortnight, check it out here

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Deadonomicon - which should really be not Necronomicon or Necrotrentonomicon

Been a while offline, well offblog, on account of problems with my dial-up, but that's sorted, and I'm whoosing along, all broadbandish - with a touch of marchingbandish.

Not that I've been wasting my time, 61k into a new novel, and a whole lot of other projects bubbling along in the background. Life is good in the currently windy city of Brisbane, even if my sinuses are playing merry hell with my skull.

Now if there's one thing that I like to do it's boast about all my clever friends, damn they've been up to some impressive stuff.

Firstly Tansy Rayner Robert's book Seacastle is well and truly out and about and launched.

Ditto, Marianne De Pierre's fine Space Opera Dark Space.

Double ditto Jason Nahrung and Mil Clayton's fantabulous horror novel The Darkness Within.

Finally, Ben Peek's novel Black Sheep is available.

All of which shall be discussed at length, with links and everything, the moment my sinuses decide to stop punishing me. As will Fantastic Journeys to Brisbane.

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