Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mono - Putting the Brains Back in the Zombie

I just finished reading Ben Peek's story Mono, and it's just about as perfect a zombie story as you could want. It's clever, it's bleak and it's utterly humane*. If you read just one zombie story this year make it Mono, it puts the brains back into zombie lore.

And, if you're fast, Ben might even email you a copy of the story, check out the link.** He's an exciting writer with a novel coming out in June, check his stuff out, then buy the book.

*Utterly humane, that's like humane, but more so. So, I'm not a reviewer, but I thought this story was swell, and explores one of Ben's central themes of race, and what one particular culture has been doing to the world for about the last couple of centuries, but using zombies, and it still manages to be playful in its use of text.


Blue Tyson said...

Ultra always a good U adjective, for SF stuff. :)

Trent Jamieson said...

Yeah, Ultra, the all purpose, all whitening adjective.

Tamara Day said...

Hey Trent, just a quick g'day! I know that this isn't the forum for a "hey howareya" kinda thang, but don't know what your email address was to say hello in any other fashion! Anyway, it's Tam (django) from Lismore Uni. Been googling away on a few old Lismore Media names and it's really grand to see how well you've done! Would LOVE to hear from you! My email address is

Looking forward to catching up!