Monday, May 07, 2007

All things that Shine, even when Dark

My friend Marianne has a book coming out soon. It's called Dark Space and you can check out a trailer for the book here. We all had a jab at this one, the book not the trailer, in family ROR, and I reckon it's rather excellent, I dig me Space Opera, and Marianne's cracked it I reckon.

I tend to look at YouTube as a whole lot of can't be bothered, on accound of my dialup modem, which is powered by a pair of fat mice in a little wheel that start panting the moment I walk to the computer, and are coughing and vomitting by the time I've downloaded my email - should stop feeding them chocolate I suppose.

Anyways while I was digging around there I came across this, the preview to the movie of the book which introduced* me to one of my favourite books ever, but which is also a fine bit of a story as well. It also has Ricky Gervais in it, and a stellar(ha, ha**) cast, fingers crossed, eh.

*Well, it was actually a letter of introduction, written on really nice paper.
**See that's funny on account of the title of the book/movie***.

**But not that funny


Blue Tyson said...

Have you read some of this? I am definitely a fan of hers.

Trent Jamieson said...

Yes, and it's great. I love the Parrish books, but I really, really love space opera, and Marianne brings a new sensibility to the genre, and her extremely distinctive voice.

It should be out in a few weeks.