Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Owls Are Not What they Seem

Yup, bloody coffee.

We're watching Twin Peaks again, now that season two has finally come out on DVD, and I'm loving it. Twin Peaks was our date series, Diana used to drive down to my place, (which after we moved out became a brothel, though it wasn't called One-eyed Jack's) and we'd snuggle up and watch it on my vcr. This was back in the days before dvds, dark and awful days they were, my friends, and it was an intense way to start a relationship, but it must have worked.

David Lynch is a master of the horror of the ordinary, no one can make traffic lights and trees and suburban backyards look so terrifying. The thing I utterly dig about Lynch is his understanding of magic (for want of a better word*) well, the understanding I glean of it from his work: it's those weird cracks in reality**, the peculiar shadow in the corner of the room, a sudden over saturation of colour, or when a dream leaks out into life for a moment. This sort of magic quite often doesn't make sense, and it can be ridiculous, but it's also potent, and there is always a sort of logic operating there, even if it is too hard to grasp. It's not overt, it rarely says, "I am magic." It permeates.

I don't know if I've articulated this particularly clearly, but it's 1 am, and the Owls are not what they seem, dude.

*you could also substitute magic with the word "weird".
*Or maybe reality is nothing more than weird cracks in the magic


Cat Sparks said...

Hey Trent,

We're currently rewatching Twin Peaks too and loving the genius that is David Lynch. This time round I'm loving the ever present log decor more than ever!

Trent Jamieson said...

It is the coolest. I'm thinking of going the red curtain, log decor thing in our next house.

Leon of Leichhardt said...

Your comments about owls remind of the night we had to do our midnight to dawn shift at the radio station in Lismore. You were doing your shift and I went for a walk to the 24 hour servo top get some snacks. I walked under a big tree on the way and a whole load of bats flew out of the tree and scared the bejesus out of me. Beware the killer bats of Lismore at 4:55am in winter.

Trent Jamieson said...

Yeah there was nothing better than those midnight to dawn radio shifts and killer bats -which were really only angry about my absolute crap radio manner.

Seriously though, there's a masochistic part of me that misses those days at our old alma mater.

Remember your metal show?

Leon of Leichhardt said...

Yeah. I still don't know why I did that. I don't even really like metal! Bit of a failure to be myself there.
I find myslef quite ambivalent about uni. I half loved it and half hated it. The good bits were quite good though.

Trent Jamieson said...

That's part of the whole Uni experience though, isn't it? Finding out who you really are - of course that never really ends.

Hell, we were all miserable quite a lot of the time. Still, I don't know if I'd change any of it.

Which reminds me of a Twin Peaks related story. There was a State of Origin t-shirt getting around at the time answering the question: Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Wally Lewis.