Monday, February 05, 2007

Gift and Twilight Singers

It's Diana's birthday on Friday and I am very pleased with her present. Extremely pleased, and, what's more, I've just come upon a little additional present, which I shall be procuring tomorrow, at some expense.

I love buying presents for Diana, and she is going to love it, this little, additional thing, no more than an appurtenance, to the main show, perhaps even more than her actual present.

I can't tell you how much I love her, this wife of mine, I probably don't tell her enough either, shit, I know I don't. But love is one of those things that words can't get a purchase on, one of those vexing things, that I always try to have a slog at, word wise, and fail. Love is so much more than words, it's the whole journey, it's the memory, and the pain, and the joy – see how empty these words are*.

D and I saw Greg Dulli's band the Twilight Singers at the Zoo, a few weeks back, and it was amazing. I've never seen a singer own the stage like that, make it bigger, and challenge the audience to join him in that place where great gigs exist, which isn't the club and the stage, but somewhere else (kind of like the club, kind of like your skull but smoky and brooding and joyous and fucked up and clever).

Dulli even pulled out our favourite Afghan Whig's song "Gentleman" mid-set, just belted it out, sly and subtle-like. And then Mark Lanagan got up and joined him. There was more presence up on that stage than in half a dozen lesser gigs, dude's got a set of pipes on him. Best gig ever.

And that might be because D and I have such a history with these singers, because the Whigs were such an important part of our early courting, but they could have so easily disappointed. Anyways a good way to start the live act year.

*Of course as slogs go that was pretty lame.

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