Thursday, December 21, 2006

Twilight Singers

One of the coolest bands in the official soundtrack to the grand history of my love affair with Diana - in which continents topple like vast baroque and teetering houses of cards, tears drown the heavens, and an army of rats conquers the moon in ships that are powered by the blood of angels and shaped like bunches of roses – are the Afghan Whigs. While we were falling in love we were listening to their album Gentleman it's moody and dark and dangerous and wonderful. It's always been a huge regret of mine that we never got to see them live.

Pretty much Diana's favourite solo artist, after Bowie, is Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees fame. We missed him the last time he was in town, and have regretted it deeply.

Well, lead singer of the Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli is touring in Jan with his band the Twilight Singers, and one of the current members of the Twilight Singers is none other than Mark Lanegan, and I just bought tickets. (You just knew it was going to work out didn't you, as does the love affair, until it ends tragically at the sundering of the universe, which is a way off, thank goodness).

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