Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dragons and Not Dragons

I saw Eragon last week. I wouldn't recommend seeing it, the dragon is kind of cool, but a kind of cool dragon isn't enough to hold this grab bag of clich├ęs together. Still it did remind me of one of the most remarkable dreams I have ever had.

The day before I went on my first date with Diana I dreamt about dragons. There was no narrative structure to the dream, just me, lying on my back looking up at the sky. It was cloudy, dark, lightning-crammed clouds, and then the clouds parted, and there they were, huge and distant in the sky, dragons. At least five of them. They just flew there above me, circling and snapping playfully at each other. And I have never felt as at peace as I did in that dream.

It doesn't sound remarkable, but even now, eleven years later, I can close my eyes and see them.


Today I was cleaning up my study, chucking out long ago rewritten drafts of things, moving teetering piles of books, when I came across a tiny egg and two tiny desiccated lizard corpses. Geckos occasionally come into the house and one obviously decided to lay its eggs behind a pile of books on the topmost shelf of my bookcase. It wasn't a good idea.

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