Sunday, December 10, 2006

December. The One with All the Links

It's a cool night. Been a cool December so far, but we know it's all going to change. Brisbane will get stinking old foot-in-sock-hot soon, and then, on and on until at least March.

I was born on the 28th of December 1972 in the NSW town of Gunnedah. It was supposed to be early January, but it was a scorching summer, so my parents tell me, and I just wanted out so I could cry pretty much non-stop for a week. Being born at the end of the year adds a little more pathos to those end of year thoughts (well, let's pretend it does) and gets you thinking, because you really are going to be a year older.

Thought I would get in early.

It's been a quiet one for me, but, when I look back at it, a good one. Read some fine books, explored another country, and even managed to write a little. Writing wasn't such a priority this year, other things, which I refuse to blog about, came to the fore, but none-the-less I somehow managed to win an (to the point where for some this was the only solution), see two new stories to market**, and deliver my kids book to the ABC – it's part of the Lost Shimmaron, which is going to be a fun series, and, hopefully, I'll get to write a couple more.

I also have a story in this. The story is "Tumble" and it is one of my favourites, took me an awful long time to write, had a hell of a lot of false starts, but writing to me is often about false starts, short stories I have a terrible time approaching in a linear fashion, but that's half the fun. And they are fun. Maybe not so much fun to read, but hell, I love writing them. Sometimes a story just has to give the reader the bird, I reckon. Readers are rather pandered to, if you ask me***.
You can read a review of the anthology here.

I saw some excellent live acts. Okkervil River - who I actually saw for the first time pretty much a year ago on a much hotter more fraught December night than this one, and saw again in September - and the Dresden Dolls are stand outs, but the Shins were good too.

And there was always Brisbane. There was always the river, and there was always the moon.
I entered the year me, and, coming on to the end, with no real revelations at hand, will end it me – but different, of course, I can't tell you how, but I am, and so are you.

*No accounting for judges' tastes, eh. But there's nothing cooler than winning an award for the look on your beloved's face, and family members dig awards.

**One of which is set in a giant bottle floating through space, and called "Persuasion", and it's in my collection.

***Tumble isn't one of those stories, and part of it happens in an alternate-world Gunnedah, which is kind of cool, and I don't know how it got there.

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