Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ain't Blogging Boy.

Went for a walk today, late afternoon along old river, and river said, "So why you not blogging, boy?"

I shrugged and watched old spider sun spin Brisbane's skyline into precious metals, and sun said, "So why you not blogging, boy?"

Went for a walk today and cloud was purple and curious, cloud said, "So why you not blogging,

Came back from a walk today, and old keyboard was laughing, he spat and chuckled. "You ain't blogging, boy"

Too hot. Too Christmas looming. The air smells too much of time, and things burning, and I ain't blogging boy.

Someone left their handbrake off a couple of houses down. Big Mistake. Seems if you leave your handbrake off, and your car goes rolling down a hill and knocks over a fence and ends up hanging off a ledge, that you need the police involved and these sorts of things aren't high priority. Poor person waited with two tow truck drivers for nearly four hours.

When I was a little kid, my dad used to tell me and my siblings stories about his alter ego, Blakey the boy of steel. His adventures involved delivering newspapers really quickly, saving crashed milktrucks, the sort of things that were plausible to kids in the 70s*.

I swear I used to believe that my dad really had superpowers.

This would have been the perfect job for him.

Instead they had to wait for four hours. Pity.

*yeah the 70s were crazy, dude.

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Stephen said...

Hi Trent

Stephen Vicinanza here, wanted to say hi and tell you congratulations on your success, with the book and award.
Would like to talk some time about whats been going on with you and see how you have been.

You can get me at svicinanza@si.rr.com