Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mountain October

This is Mt Ruapehu. Behind me was a snowfield packed with skiers, but here there was no-one, just me in the midst of one of the most amazing landscapes I had ever seen. I close my eyes and I am there, I don't even want to describe the place, because all that does is snatch away the images behind my mind and substitute them with nouns and verbs (which I love, but are mostly inadequate, which is what makes them at once fascinating and disappointing) .
October is an interesting month in my family.
This month I celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary, and the birth of a nephew, and my sisters birthday, and my parents - who were born in the same hospital, a day apart - both turned sixty, which makes me feel a little old. And I also stood on that mountain, and after this photo was taken, I stared at my wife, and the world just seemed a little more intense, and I was so glad that I was there with her, though once again, (on account of the problem - the most glaringly obvious problem, and the most worthwhile - with words*) I can't really tell you how glad.
I am writing about an Empire called the Empire December, because I like the word December, and my birthday is in December, but it's October that's most fascinating to me, because my birth, well was just a birth, but October is the birth of the things that made me, that continue to shape me. My parents and my marriage. See how inadequate words are? Let's leave it at that.
*which doesn't even begin to address the peculiarities of my sentence structure

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