Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Only one day to go

The house is quiet, even the animals are sleeping - I think we may have narcoleptic pets.

I haven't got the diggingest dog, just the sleepiest dog and the yawniest cat, which is cool because they're not waking you up at five in the morning wanting their breakfast. But it just isn't right when your pets like to sleep in after you get up. They should be entertaining you or, at the very least, barking at something – though I wouldn't mind if they even put on a pot of coffee, you don't even need hands for that just a snout or a paw.

I can hear my dog snoring. It's distracting, I'd put on some music but I don't want to wake him or the cat. They can get a bit surly. Ernie once threatened me with a shovel when I tried to kick him off the bed, it was all a lot of fun and we laughed about it later, once they'd set my arm. His bark is bigger than his bite, but his use of garden implements coercive tools overshadows them both.*

Tomorrow it's off to the Zoo and Okkervil River, sure I haven't built it up or anything, it's not like it's become the most highly anticipated gig of the year, or that I'll be utterly devastated if they have an off day. Not at all.

Have to stop typing; the noise is bothering the dog.

*you should have seen what he did to the postman. Nasty. It's still working its way through the courts so I can't be specific, just never leave gardening shears lying around.

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