Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Zealand & Prador Moon

I'm heading off to New Zealand for the next couple of weeks, while there's still some stuff to sort out, I did the most important thing today, bought a copy of Neal Asher's Prador Moon to read on the plane.

Still a couple of days to go, and it's going to be a real effort to keep from reading it until then. It's only a couple of hundred pages long, so I have to be careful to pace myself, but if anything's going to keep my mind off all that flying, racing metal, and its height from the ground, and the kind of impact it could make in the Pacific, then it's an Asher novel. I love my Space Opera, and Asher is one of the best practitioners of the art - and his new novel Polity Agent is out in October.

Prador Moon is also a lovely looking book, with an excellent Bob Eggleton painting on the cover. And just so you know it's all about me in this tiny slice of the Blogosphere, Bob Eggleton also did the cover for Daikaiju! which contains my story "Five Bells". Daikaiju! like all the agog! press books is a wonderful thing.

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