Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's over...

Well it was wonderful, really, really wonderful. If you get a chance to see Okkervil River live you simply must.

The vibe at the Zoo was really good, and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. I loved them last time, but Will Sheff had a strep throat, and the band was a couple of members short, and they looked tired, and I still thought they were the best thing I'd ever seen live.

Well, I'm even more impressed. Go see them. Then buy their cds.

Just got home, the streets were quiet, my ears are buzzing warmly.

And I have to work tomorrow.

Better get some sleep.


Travis said...

I would love to hear some of their music wouldn't it be great if you made a compilation with some of their songs on it and sent it to your brother?

Trent Jamieson said...

What a great idea. Yeah, I'll pop it in the post on the weekend, or give it to Jade.

Joe Kickass said...

Thanks Trent hope you and Diana are well and I'll call you soon. Is Jade coming down soon?