Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dog and Moon

I took the dog and the moon for a walk today.

The moon all hung up on its ripe luminosity, and wanting to be a symbol of love or murderous inclination, stalked ahead. The dog just wanted to sniff things. The moon was all, "I am the master of tides." The dog was all, "Let's just piss here. Oh, and over there."

The dog had a lead. The moon didn't, it followed me home regardless.

The tree outside my window fell down today. Crashed beneath the weight of the wind, and very luckily, not onto our roof. I was just getting ready to leave for work, and there was a crack, loud as god's troublesome neck popping back in, and the tree wasn't outside my window any more.

My window has nothing outside it now, except the world and the moon.

The moon is taking credit.

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Travybob said...

Hey someone chopped down the trees next door to our house yesterday we feel really exposed now, perhaps I should put some pants on.