Sunday, September 10, 2006

Battlestar 2.0

Just finished watching Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0, and, well, wow.

This has been my favourite genre programme of 2006.

If you're at all interested in good quality SF television then give this show a try. Not only is it entertaining sf adventure but it hasn't shied away from dealing with, and reasonably even-handedly, with issues of faith and fanaticism, politics and war. It has also, throughout this season in particular, explored the implications of character's choices with rigour and little sentimentality.

The characters are flawed, they bicker, they take sides, they change their minds, they doubt their motives. There hasn't been anything this good inside a spaceship since Firefly, and to think it was born of what was a rather average SF series from the seventies and early eighties – which I loved back then, but hey I was a nerdy pre-teen who loved seeing things explode in space.

It also makes another recently revisioned SF series - that I also loved as child - look decidely pale in comparison.

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Leon of Leichhardt said...

Watched it a few weeks ago. Couldn't get into, and that was my second attempt. Might try again later