Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well, I'm back - after all, who doesn't like to pretend that they're a hobbit back from a long journey in which they farewelled their closest bud?

Back from the Byron Bay Writers Festival. Like to say I was down there plugging my writing, or, even better, enjoying the beach, but I was working selling other people's books. The weather was terrible, but, from all accounts, the Festival was a success.

I only worked yesterday, did a couple of school events, let me tell you there is nothing more terrifying than three hundred kids bearing down on your little table of books, all anxious to buy their books, so that Andy Griffiths - a master of stand up for the under-eights - can sign them. All in all, though, it's great to see so many kids so enthusiastic about books.

The most exciting part of the whole thing was the storm that ripped through Byron in the middle of one of the events. Nearly blew the marquee we were in all the way to Kansas*.

*Which makes sense, because we’re already in Oz, see?**

**Okay, that’s rather lame, but I’m tired.***

***I am enjoying all these astericks though****

****which leads one to wonder, at what point do they become ridiculous.*****

*****probably about now.******

******yeah, I think so.*******

*******so when do you think they'll call a state election in Qld?********

********ooh, gone all political have you? Going to mention the water crisis again, eh? *********

*********shut up.

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