Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Okkervil River - only 36 Days to Go

Okkervil River play at the Zoo in just 36 days. I bought my tickets today. If you get a chance to see them, do it. They're very cool. Yeah, I know I go on about this band far too much, but their range of themes from Carveresque landscapes and raw Fairytale kingdoms, pretty much aligns itself to my obsessions*.

"Bigger, blacker things go following them into a patch of forest somebody once planted for this song."

Black Sheep Boy Appendix - Missing Children

Lead singer, Will Sheff is a master storyteller, with a perfectly-strained-vocal talent to match, not to mention a wonderfully dark turn of phrase.

I keep grasping for musical points of comparison (not to mention appropriate musical verbs). They fit well between, say, REM and Radiohead, but that's selling them short, and it's really not that accurate a comparison.

Anyway, enough clumsily phrased proselytising, I’ve got my tickets. I’m going to see them. And I’m very excited.

*Not that my obsessions are that unique, but this band provides a very close match.


Andrew Macrae said...

Dude, today I booked tix to see them at the East Brunswick Club (admittedly stumbling distance from my front door) purely becuz you'd spoke about them on yr blog.


Trent Jamieson said...

Hey Andy,

Hope you like them. I saw them last year and they were fantastic -and Will Sheff had a strep throat at the time.