Thursday, August 24, 2006

In the Blogosilence I...

wrote a lot, delivered my shim manuscript, got extremely rolling drunk -and extremely swiftly and projectiley regretful – caught up with my family, wrote some more, returned to work, launched a book – a wonderful book, which sold out at the launch so I feel that I didn't suck too much at the launching, and, hey, the lads at Pulp Fiction did a fine job too.

I also invented gravity, read more Stross, defined three nouns (and found that they could also be used as verbs, which is handy, it's like have a word with handles or a little pouch you can put your snuff in), and realised that you can never have enough commas in a sentence, but it was something that, I think, I knew already, deep down. I'm still thinking about the shininess of 1950's writing, but grew too enamoured of my own shiny prose*, to blog about it.

The Stross is still fun, onto the second book, it's keeping me company in my lunchbreaks

*And was too worn out by inventing gravity, do you know how hard it was to invent gravity, I mean that just doesn't make any sense, how do you invent gravity anyway? Well, I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you, and there's not enough good burying space left in the backyard.**

**it's where I buried all the nouns that have crossed me.


Leon of Leichhardt said...

Remember when we got ripped drinking vat 69 watching the first Dr Who story? Got to about episode 4 and realised we had no effing idea what was going on?

So when are you gonna send me something to read?


Trent Jamieson said...

That was a terrible night. My attention span is bad enough when I'm sober, let alone drunk.

I'll post you something soon, soon in trent time may not be as soon as it ought to be - it's that attention span again, see.

Yes I watched the Cybermen episodes. Cybermen are cool, I've always loved them, but I don't know about these episodes, maybe they were a bit overwrought or something, but they didn't quite work for me. Still enjoyed them.

What I'm really enjoying though is Battlestar Galactica 2.0. Only a couple of episodes in, and it may descend into disappointment, but this has to be my favorite SF series in years, maybe ever. Could just be the explosions. I do love it when things blow up.