Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where have I been?

I have sat in the dark.

I have crouched upon the precipice of the world above the world, where the winds are snatchful and ice-fingered, and regarded the world beneath the world above.

I have craned my neck, looked up and up, at the great peristaltic innards of the snake god what swallowed the world.

I have hidden in a fortress of matchsticks and whispered, in the midst of all that brittle creaking possibility of flame, and no-one heard me.

I have pushed the shopping trolleys of the night and found that none of their wheels please me.

I have watched a girl with a talking knife bury her mother, then bury another by a lake called December.

I have removed the stickers from books, and though they begged, their whiny bookish voices irritating even as they offered me the world, I boxed them up and sent them away to the dark warehouses of the Books that Do Not Sell (even if they ought).

I have sat and written this blog.

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