Saturday, July 15, 2006

Is "The Chronicles of Riddick" the worst SF Movie ever?

I finally got around to watching "The Chronicles of Riddick" tonight, yeah, so it takes me two years to get around to watching a movie - hey, I only saw Casablanca a couple of years ago.

The bad SF movie bar was set for me by "Mission to Mars", tonight it may have dropped a couple of rungs. "The Chronicles of Riddick" just made no sense. It looked sort of pretty in that, well, lets design our sets in a kind of art nouveau sort of style that has been mined ad nauseam in SF movies since, well, the nineteen thirties. But pretty is not enough.

Now, I understand that action SF movies have (in the main, but not always, because there are always exceptions) degenerated to set pieces linked by the most tenuous of logic, but even still, this movie sucked. I’m not even going to bother with arguing with the movie’s logic or breaking down the plot, it would be like breaking down the plot of a brick, only a brick with less structural integrity than your usual sort of brick, maybe a brick designed by a bunch of studio execs after they’ve been up all night snorting coke – leavened with a generous helping of talcum powder.

This movie made “Aeon Flux” look classy.

And what's worse is that I really liked "Pitch Black".

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