Monday, July 24, 2006

In a world where anything is possible

Ads generally annoy me, the logic of ads, and all those white teeth, but one ad caught my attention today.

It's for that new film "The Lakehouse" which is a remake of a Korean film, I believe, which is neither here nor there, because I'm whinging about the ad, not the film, which I doubt I'll ever watch. The ad has a voice over which goes roughly "In a world where anything is possible, could a man from the future love a woman from the past?"

Well, yes.

In a world where anything is possible, anything is possible.

In that particular world I am emperor of the universe, and so is everyone else, and my pets (one of which is a dinosaur*) can talk, and I have a giant robot, and so on**, because in that world, anything is possible.

We even get entertaining advertising.

*forget about one dinosaur, I've got a million dinosaurs, make that a trillion - and I know all their names.

**including that I'm Tarzan's grandson, and that all the books that I love in this world I wrote, during the first week of my year 11 summer holidays, and this blog is actually really interesting.

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