Saturday, July 22, 2006


I live in an enchanting writerly sort of life – engaged in a sort of fervid and thunderous battle against the terrible silence of the world, as well as all manner of enchanting writerly stuff. I know you all read this blog ( well my mum does, hi mum) and think, how wonderful, I wish I could write such an enchanting and interesting blog.

Well, let me share my secret,the wellspring of all this enchantment.

This aloe vera plant lifts its mighty and succulent leaves at the front of our house. A magical pixie lives at the base of the plant.


The little pixie often eats these berries.


Unfortunately the berries are toxic, so he frequently gets lost on his way home, and ends up here.

It’s the magical and enchanting reverse-cycle air-conditioner under our living room. You can see the pixie’s shadow here.

Yes, the magic is alive. Enchanting, you could say.

Most fridays I sit with the little fellow, discussing the nature of narrative and the australian sf writing scene, and eat some of the magical berries, too. Then, I go up to my desk, this is what it looks like after a couple of berries.

Bloody enchanting.

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