Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just stuff what I am finishing and stuff what I am starting


The Outage Ouroboros is almost upon us again and, while this is no cause for celebration, neither is it a reason for alarm. Remember:

(1) Keep all doors locked.
(2) Stay away from all windows.
(3) All electrical items must remain off. The surge, post-outage has the potential to explode electrical devices.
(4)Should you be armed, and it is highly recommended that you are, remember a shot to the head kills most beasts you are liable to encounter.
(5)While it is untoward to be pessimistic, remember to keep at least one bullet in the chamber for yourself.

Just finished a rewrite of story that I think is one of my best - well I've got a feeling in my bones or me waters or the water in me bones. It's taken about five drafts and two rejections - I'm a bit embarrassed that I sent the story out before now, it really wasn't working - but I think I've nailed it. It's sat there, alive in my skull, for the last few years, but just not firing, and getting in the way of a lot of other stuff I wanted to write. It's a bloody relief I tell you. Of course, it may well suck, but I've learnt more writing this story than from anything I've done before. So even if it never finds a home I think it's been worth it.

You climb to the top of the tower, the last nineteen floors are without elevator, just coil upon coil of stairwell, wound too tight for easy walking, but just right for defence, though there is no-one in this building to defend it. You’re panting by the time you reach the top. Sweat streams and drips and splatters from your brow, makes ephemeral patterns on the concrete -- though maybe not, who knows what might set upon these ghosts of you, taste the tinctures of your soul, and howl out its hungers.

Also writing a new story, still at the pen and paper stage, it's kind of linked to my story "Tumble" in a loose series that I'm calling "beautiful cities of the damned". Tumble was a sort of Western. This one is more of a noir piece. Having a hell of a lot of fun with it, lots of dead bodies coming back to life, and demons chained and hungry, and corrupt detectives, and rumbling trains.

Wishing I was going to Conflux next weekend, but at least I've got some stories that are exciting me to keep me going. And, with my mastery of sock puppetry I can pretend I am at a con. That's the thing with sock puppets I can have any guest of honour I want - even dead writers.

So at Consock 06 I'll be hanging with Sock Homer, Sock Leiber, and a special secret guest. Find me at the bar with a whole bunch of the cool sock puppet sf writing crowd.

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