Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just Finished Just Started

I finished "Cowl" by Neal Asher last night, and bought his "Line of Polity" today. I tend to avoid reading two books by the same author in a row, but I'm addicted damn it. Cowl was great, the best time travel, giant monster with many mouths, and lots of dinosaurs novel I've read - and probably the most fun time travel story I've read since "Big Time" by Fritz Leiber - the time travel was kind of peripheral in "Big Time" but it still counts. It's great stuff.

Once "Line of Polity" is done, I'm rushing onto the Sean Williams and Shane Dix Geodesica duology. I heard Sean read from this a couple of years back and I have been meaning to read it for a long time. Sean's written some absolutely wonderful novels, and I've tended to read them at pivotal moments in my life. I can still remember reading "Metal Fatigue" when I asked Diana to marry me - and she said yes, of course, because I was reading a book with such a cool title.*

Unfortunately a Neal Asher sock puppet couldn't be made in time for Consock 06, nor is the Sean Williams sock puppet attending - as it was already commited to three other sock cons this June.

*No, she's not that shallow, I was wearing an attractive jumper at the time.

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Travis said...

Do you think you could get some sock puppets over to my Movies with sock puppets marathon Trent? It's part of the annual consuck