Saturday, June 03, 2006

Down the River of Golden Dreams

I bought Okkervil River's album "Down the River of Golden Dreams" a couple of weeks back and have been playing it pretty much non-stop since - and subjecting it to anyone that visits, yes I am one of those sorts of people. Will Sheff is the Raymond Carver of alt-rock*, his lyrics are simply wonderful, bleak, sublime and carried on a raw and powerful voice.

I love this band. And you will, too.

Look into the monitor,

you are feeling sleepy.

Now follow this link and download, it's all good.

*Actually alt-rock is a terrible description, but it's all I have, and I don't know if Will has a drinking problem, but he is an excellent story teller, and I didn't think calling him the Chekhov of alt-rock sounded as punchy and I kinda prefer Raymond Carver, or Richard Ford - but Ford isn't as pithy, though you really should check out his novella "Abyss" in his collection "A Multitude of Sins" it's very good, and bleak, and funny, but mainly bleak, you know in the way that finding something really funny like a little doll of a clown, with a wide, vacuous grin, then discovering that it's buried in your chest and your heart has stopped beating, and it's still grinning up at you, from the hole in your chest, and, oh shit, it's still kind of hilarious, or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a book called "down the river of golden dreams" by I.P.Nightley?

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Is the file expired?