Thursday, June 15, 2006

Consock 06 is over.

Ropes of smoke dangling skywards from the pyre, melted button eyes leering out of the ash, a single flaming sock puppet arm lifting into the air in a sad (sockery) mockery of a wave. Sock puppet authors burn better than regular authors - though not as well as finger puppet authors and not nearly as well as kerosene puppets. The priest who performed the exorcism said it was necessary, or they might never leave - he was a sock puppet priest, so he went in right at the end.

Still it was a relatively successful con - sold 5 copies of reserved for travelling shows - my book, in case you hadn't heard about it, and sock puppet trent is a pretty good panellist - no long silences, no mumbling into the mike - I made sure he burnt long and slow.

Friday tomorrow and it looks like I'll be catching up with one of my favourite people in the world - and one of my favourite sf writers. Hell, if you can't name drop on your blog where can you?

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