Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Walking Dogs - keep your gate closed.

Just came back from taking the dog for a walk. I'm a cat and a dog person, I probably lean more towards cats, but only marginally.

My dog, Ernie, is pretty cool. And one of the things I love doing is walking to the Brisbane river with dusk coming on and sitting there, with Ernie, watching the city. Brisbane has a nice comprehensible skyline. I'm hoping to get to the states next year and suck in that New York skyline, won't be taking Ernie though, he doesn't like flying further than interstate.

Last year was a traumatic dog walking year. In the space of a week Ernie was attacked by someone's German Shepherd - they'd left the gate to their place open, the dog rushed up and decided to see what Ernie tasted like - and another dog died rushing across the road to play with him. Again someone had left their front gate open and the dog just ran out and straight into a car. The driver of the car was traumatised, and the dog itself; I remember the shocked expression on its face, it's struggles to get up onto it's feet. A passer-by held onto Ernie, who had been oblivious to the other dog (lives in his own world, does Ernie) as I went to get the owners. Yeah, that was fun.

It's taken me nearly six months to get back to walking Ernie, regularly, and I've picked dog free routes. People if you've got a dog, keep your gate closed.

And I've resisted the temptation to put a photo of Ernie - or my cat, Cosmo - up here. Come on, people, I've already blogged about my favourite band, photo's of pets, well I want to come across with at least a semblance of cool.

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