Thursday, May 25, 2006

Unwriting and the Modern Unwriter

I am now unwriting for at least eight hours a day. But if you're interested in seeing what it is I write, why don't you check out this. It's my book "Reserved for Travelling Shows". It was only released at the end of April, by these people.

You can even buy a shiny hardcover edition here.

And, if you do - that is, buy the hardcover - the next time I'm in town, I might come over and do your washing up. How about that, some authors sign books, me I'll do the dishes and sign your copy. Then again I might not. I might just wait until you're asleep, then slide under your door and take the book and sell it again at the riverside markets. I do that a lot, because, as you know, authors can slide under doors, in fact that is where a lot of writers meet for the first time. When I'm not writing, I'm under a door, and even when I am -actually that's where I am now, it's dusty here, and I can smell feet. I didn't say writing was pleasant, sometimes it's down right disgusting. Unwriting though, there's nothing more clinical.

Below is the first para of my unwriting manifesto, "Unwriting and the Modern Unwriter".*

Chapter One:

* I'm sorry about the language.

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