Monday, May 22, 2006

Reading Writing Listening

I'm writing, slowly but surely, like a determined snail with a pen, kinda happy with things on the writing front. The books I'm dipping into are getting the creative juices flowing, rereading the Epic of Gilgamesh - for those wonderful mean and timorous Summerian gods - the cambridge New Solar System - for, well, a whole lot of stuff that makes my head spin but provides me with interesting nouns and verbs and cool vulcanology stuff.

Also reading Neal Asher's time travel cosmic horror novel "Cowl" it's really a lot of fun, and you can see he enjoyed writing it. The best thing being that I know I've got a whole bunch of his books yet to read, it's nice having something to get fanboyish about.

Talking of fanboyishness. I'm listening to a bunch of Will Sheff live tracks that I stumbled across. He's the lead singer of Okkervil River. There's a stripped back version of For Real that I absolutely adore - it's creepy, and fraught with a fragile menace, and I almost like it better than the studio version.

Got some interesting stuff I'll be posting soon. Including an interview with Chris McMahon. He's a writer whose star is definitely rising, and a good friend - makes an excellent home brew stout. You can buy his book here.


Anonymous said...

Go fanboy!

Neal Asher

Trent Jamieson said...

It's easy when you're having so much fun. Now, I'm heading off to more fanboyishness.