Sunday, May 14, 2006

Neal Asher - and other things

The one thing that this flu has done - besides leading to some rather odd entries - is given me time to read. I just finished Neal Asher's book "Brass Man" set in his post-singularity Polity future. I'd not read any Neal Asher before, and this book is very much conected to his earlier novels, so I was thrown in the deep end. I thought it very clever, and a lot of fun. A word of warning though, if you don't like multiple POV stories that leap backwards and forwards in time, with flashbacks on flashbacks, you might want to keep away.

What I enjoyed most about the novel, other than the world building - Asher knows how to design fascinating monsters - was the way he successfully conveyed the sense of information overload. The characters drown in it. The book is solidly in the more action oriented tradition of Space Opera - maybe Old School New Space Opera - but it doesn't suffer for it.

Something that excited me was Jonathan Strahan's announcement that he and Terry Dowling are editing a Jack Vance Treasury. Jack Vance is one of the greats, a master world builder - he filled his books with multitudes - satirist and fine, fine storyteller. This has to be one of the coolest books due to be released. It's been a while since I've read his short fiction, it'll be interesting to see how it reads now.

Another book I'm looking forward to reading is the yet to be finished "Power and Majesty (The Creature Court)" by Tansy Rayner Roberts. This book has yet to find a publisher, though once she finishes it I am sure it will. Check out her blog here it's always interesting, and thoughtful, and not nearly as foolish as this one - well, not foolish at all, really.

Tansy is in my crit group ROR. I am extremely proud of that groups' achievements, and am hoping that at least a little of their talent will rub off on me.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for that!

Neal Asher

Trent Jamieson said...

That's cool, Neal. I really enjoyed "Brass Man". Looking forward to exploring the rest of your backlist.