Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Favourite Band

Well, the flu sure puts the kibosh on the old blogging. I just wanted to direct your attention to my favourite band, but this being a blog I'll do it the long way round.

I'm a filler of notebooks. Most of my writing is scribbled in these black art diary things, in the interstices of my life, on the train to work, or back, or before I go to bed - yeah, I like to catch the train to bed. I'm a big believer in notebooks, sometimes they go bad, or I forget one, and when I get back to it, it has decided to screw with my writing, so I have to buy another one, which means I have a hell of a lot of notebooks in my study, they make soft mewling noises in the night. I'd prefer it if they made coffee, but I can't afford those sorts of art diaries.

I was flicking through the one that sits by my bed yesterday and I found this. Blogs are essentially about found things, and I've always been a sucker for framing devices, anyway it's about my favourite band, and it commits the cardinal sin of using the word should - should is a nasty word.


Last Love Song for Now.

Short fiction should build. It should crackle like the hours before a storm, tension, then the blazing roaring release. A good song should do this, and Okkervil River's "Last Love Song for Now" is all build and then raw release. The vocals lift and rage, the fairytale lyrics, grown all epic, become human and desperate, and the sheer emotional intensity of the album Black Sheep Boy and it's follow up ep Black Sheep Boy Appendix come to a satisfying close.

Okkervil River was my find of 2005, not only that but I was privileged enough to see them live. And it was a flawless performance, on a very hot December night, and hot December nights are really something in Brisbane.


And then the notebook bit a chunk out of my hand and fled beneath the bed.

Okkervil River are my favourite band. Check out their webpage. They're really, really cool.
Here is the artwork on their latest t-shirt.

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