Friday, May 05, 2006

I've been thinking a lot about death lately, which means life, which means the family that you've made

A member of my extended family died about a month ago. We weren't particularly close, but they were a person I respected immensely, and if I can live a life half as interesting, and with half as much integrity I will count myself a very lucky man. Their passing left a great gap in my family, and a lot of grief, but it has also reinforced to me, starkly and awfully, how important family is. Without the wonderful family I have, and the wonderful friends I have made - and I am so lucky that I can count my family as friends - my life would not be nearly as fine as it is.

I live through my family. They are my memory, because we share a past, and we bind up that past together. They share my grief, and I share theirs. I'm not a particularly demonstrative person - which is one of the reasons I write, because I find it extremely hard to show my emotions, and don't get me started on hugs, I am the most awkward hugger in the world - but I just wanted to say this now. There's nothing more important to me than my family. And of my family, my extended family, there is no-one more important to me than Diana, pretty much everything I write is informed by that relationship, but that's for another entry.

Anyway, family is what you make it. It's a made thing, as much as blood thing. What are you making of yours?


deborahb said...

Lately I have been trying to connect with my nephew. He's nearly 8 months old, strange & short. Apart from him, I have an excellent family, & I make of them what they make of me (ie. the best that can be made, heh ;). We have loud, laughing gatherings often: my family consists of a number of remarkable individuals. Thank you for the reminder. :)

Trent Jamieson said...

It doesn't sound like you need reminding. I was reminding myself.

Travis said...

Hey Trent haven't seen you in ages!
call me some time! love Travis your brother (ha ha)

Jade said...

Hey Trent was just checking out your blog and thought how true your words on family are. Time is precious, so we should always make the time to be with the ones we love. I love ya bro, look forward to finally catching up it seems an age since we last did