Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Inner Child freaks out Grown Man

Is anybody else freaked out by that ad for the burger company in which children come out of a hinged door in adult's chests, sometime with miniature version of the adult's vehicles, to buy food from said burger establishment and bring it back? What happens if the kid doesn't make it back, say he's eaten by a leopard seal, or hit by a truck? Does that mean you're stuck with your chest hinged open forever? And how does the child know how to find you - I had an awful sense of direction as kid? And what happens if you get some other kid in your chest, and they start doing stuff, you know, squeezing your kidneys and stuff?

And how do they fit the little car in there? And where do people's organs go?

And what if you don't like said burger company's products, or you've got an inner child that just likes racking up monster bills on your credit card? For Christ's sake, interest rates are murder, and there's this little scab going out there and spending all your money: like how much did that little car cost anyway?



Jade said...

Ah dear brother do the workings of your mind know no realms. I have to agree that ad freaks me out, but your words only serve to send more chills down my spine. Kind of reminds me of the cabbage doll legends of the eighties (were they really alive?!) very creepy and funny indeed

Trent Jamieson said...

Hey, Sis,

see you on Sunday. And the cabbage patch doll's were alive. Don't you remember, that's how I lost my eye?

Vegansuperman said...

I think those kids are lovely! But they have been squeezing your brain Trent. That's where all the unwriting comes from so maybe you should drink a little more pinot and relax.