Monday, May 15, 2006

Future History: a non-erudite exploration or get your Future History pip(er)ing hot here

Reading Neal Asher has gotten me thinking about Future Histories

Future Histories have held an appeal for me since I was about 14. I'd not come across the concept until I bought a copy of H. Beam Piper's "Empire". And there it was, all neatly mapped out, Empires rising and falling across the vast distances of spaces. Of course, according to old H. Beam the first lunar base was established in 1974. For a few years I was addicted to the damn things - if a book didn't have a timeline at the front, it was rather suspect.

These days I much prefer hints at the broader picture, rather than neat delineations of history. A book that does this most satisfyingly is Michael Swanwick's "Stations of the Tide". There are loose connections with a previous novel of his "Vacuum Flowers" he leaves it to the reader to fill in the gaps. If they're actually connected at all, and they may not be, though I like to think they are.

But, in the tradition of H.Beam Piper, (and that lesser known writer Heinlein) I present to you:

Trent the Future History the very brief Time Line.

1972 December 28 - Trent Jamieson is born. Five hundred years later, the 28th of December is the major galactic holiday. Though some people deny Trent ever existed.

2009 - Trent invents the Trent Drive, using various household items, and six grams of anti-matter extracted from a common garden hose. The Trent Drive is capable of faster than light travel.

2010 - Faster than light travel brings world peace. Conflicts being resolved in death matches in vast sporting arenas, as people come to terms with the illogical cause of world peace.
Incidentally Trent is the best at such death matches, though he has sworn never to compete.

2012 - Trent Corp becomes the most powerful organisation the planet has ever known. Trent uses money for mainly hedonistic purposes - after all his invention brought about world peace.

2013 - First AI smarter than a human is created. It recognises Trent as the ultimate intelligence. Trent humbly accepts its obeisance.

2020 - Trent leaves the earth, with his AI companion Tonto Friday Jones, in search of other life. He never returns, but, after entering a temporal rift, actually creates the universe.

His first words, "Let there be light."


Anonymous said...

My goodness, an optimist. Do we have a future?

Neal Asher

Trent Jamieson said...

I leave the future to the professionals - but it mainly involves a lot of singing and dancing, and white bunny rabbits. Hey, I'm reading Cowl, pretty cool, Neal.