Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shame about the Weather

I just spent the day moving furniture. It rained until the moment we stopped. I like rain, and not just because we need it. I adore the way Brisbane looks in the rain, it simultaneously gains a kind of mass and a kind of ethereal quality. Sounds become muted, and you catch glimpses of the city in the distance, through the rain, and it looms and hunches, all cranes and jagged skyline, then it disappears as the clouds close in. And everything's tenuous, and I feel like I actually live in a city. Yeah, I love the rain.

Just not when I'm lugging furniture around.


Maxine said...

Hi Trent

Congrats on the nice blog. You could send some of that rain down here--we've had a bit, but not much more than wetting the top centimetre of soil. The country is really dry. Judith Wright's 'bare bones' are showing through.
For some reason all the directions for this comment are in Japanese, so if I stuff it up, blame my computer.
Have fun with your blog.
Maxine (having trouble with my web page so I won't put the URL in yet)

Trent Jamieson said...

Hey Maxine,

Well it's a beautiful sunny day, so it didn't last. We need the rain here too. It's extremely dry, dams are low, and we could all be drinking bottled water in the not too distant future. Seems like the only way to bring on inclement weather is to move furniture or go camping.

I'm still trying to work out this blogging lark, but let me know your URL and I'll add it to my links, once I work out how to do that.