Thursday, April 27, 2006

Or You Could Try...

Say you don't want to buy my book, oh cruel reader, then you might like to sample my work, and that of a whole bunch of other talented authors, by purchasing a copy of the latest Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, which contains my story "Marco's Tooth", and an interview with yours truly, here -

Marco's Tooth was a lot of fun to write, even if it is a rather dark sf tale.

You might also like to check out the latest Aurealis Magazine here, which contains my Aurealis Award Winning story "Slow & Ache"

Slow & Ache is a companion piece to my story "Porcellain Salli", which was published in the previous ed. of Aurealis, it's set in the same future history - I'll let you in on a secret, pretty much all my SF is. It's crazy but I've had this odd little future history floating around in my brain since my mid-teens, and it's kind of nice seeing it slowly develop, in it's fractured inconsistent way, as all histories are fractured and inconsistent. I've also something of an obsession with organic space habitats.

These bits of the greater story arc are about escape, and yearning, the wizard of oz, and crazy AI's. There's a third story in the works called "Emerald City Breakdown" which is set on the earth, mainly in a flooded Brisbane, and has a lot of cool clockwork creatures in it.

Or you could check out - for free - my story "Tumble" on the Ideomancer Online webpage, here

Tumble is one of my favourite stories and is set in a future earth where cities have grown addictive, and demanding, kind of a post fantastical-singularity story. I hope to go back there and have a bit more of a poke around if the old muse lets me.

Here's the first para:

"My Daniel's out there." Mother Beet crossed her stick-thin legs, lit a cigarillo, then offered me one. I shook my head, staring into the black hollows where her eyes should be. Black hollows that held my measure, nonetheless, and stared back. Tiny brown cockroaches nested in the right orbit. They bubbled and hissed, irritated by the smoke perhaps. "I can feel him, sure's the memory of spittin' the bastard, bloody and blind-eyed, out of me womb."

Anyway enough of me convincing you to read my stuff, like that's going to work anyway.

Bugger, I better be off to bed. Work in the morning.

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