Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hello & Buy my Book - For Your Own Good, and the Good of the World

Hi, I hope you're well, and that your chair is comfortable. This is my blog, and that, to the left of this text, is my first book.

You can buy it here


You can buy it here

If you buy a copy I can guarantee two things.

Thing the First: Every book bought helps stop an ancient world-gobbling evil arising from its dark and restless sleep in a crypt in the heart of the Gobi Desert - don't ask me how, but it does.

Thing the Second: I will be rather chuffed.

The book is a collection of my short stories. It has several things going for it; at US$15 it's rather cheap; it has a wonderful cover by Hawk Alfredson; it has an introduction by the marvelous Marianne De Pierres; and it contains 23 of my favourite short stories, which are just bunches of words that I've placed in a particular order that I found pleasing.

Why should you buy the book?

See Thing the First. I mean, do you really want to risk oblivion? I think you're being rather selfish not buying this book. I'm not saying you have to read it. You can use it to prop up a wonky table. It also serves as a point of reference along some sort of quality continuum - e.g.well at least that book wasn't as dreadful as "Reserved for Travelling Shows". It does possess that kind of functionality. But if you're not certain, just return to Thing the First.

"Reserved for Travelling Shows", it's a book that will prevent evil - it's apotropaic - that means it will prevent evil.

Apotropaic, see you've even gotten a new word out of this blog. Come on, people. Buy the book.



Robert Hoge said...

Nice blog, Trent. And nice book too.

Will you be having a launch?

Schmitkz Pretzokovsky said...

Look into my hand and discover the world of King Kong starring PETROSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Petrosaur
loves Trents blog

Trent Jamieson said...

Yes, I'll be having a launch, Robert. You'll hear about here, and soon.

Schmitkz, my brother, Petrosaur indeed.